Founders Rebekka and Damien in their studio in Oerlikon, Zurich


You know it’s funny how letting go can bring clarity. Rebekka Wood and Damien Hamilton Wood Got married in 2012 and decided to take a break and step out of the hamster wheel. Backpacking for 12 months we had the freedom to think and just be. Our heads had more space to dream and consideration. Traveling sparked our passion for photography again, and with this new found space to think could listen and tell stories the rest of our lives.
RnD was founded on our passion for images, film, telling compelling stories and we didn’t really know until we just did it. Now we get to make others happy with our art and valuable work. Starting humble and small with bewerbungs photography from our apartment on the 3rd floor with no elevator, to photo and film production company with a 120msq Studio near the Oerlikon train station in Zurich.
Harnessing our talents and network, allowing ourselves to be guided by our passion to create. RnD will continue to grow, learn and work with people to tell compelling stories.



private and commercial film and photography

Our clients are both private and commercial. We love to connect and tell the stories of people and companies that have a compelling tale. RnD’s philosophy is to take the time needed to work to capture the moments and stories that matter.

For us to really capture you on camera it’s super important we get to know you a bit before. Working with people from 3 weeks old to 90+ its always a learning experience. Getting to know your story and making you comfortable in front of the camera is our aim. Relax and be you.
Portraits starting from chf 145.-

For photography and video production, specifically in

  • Real Estate / Architecture
  • Events
  • Commercial / product

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