You've been working hard to find top talent.

You screen and brief someone who you think will be a slam dunk for the hiring manager, but then you notice the CV photo. Your stomach drops because despite all this hard work your candidate might not even get an interview. The photo is just no good. Then your manager reminds you that you need a current portrait for the company website.

You think to yourself "Aaaah! How can a simple thing like a few photos be so important?!"

Professional photos are important because...

In 40 milliseconds, we’re able to draw conclusions about people based on a photo. In that time, the general tone of your personal brand is determined by the audience. People readily make personality judgments based on photos of strangers, typically along the lines of trustworthiness, strength/competence and vitality/health. We are hard coded to make quick, broad value judgements of strangers.

People are more likely to engage with the written content on platforms such as LinkedIn if the profile has a photo and a professional photo increases the amount of engagement. In 40 milliseconds, potential candidates are drawing conclusions about you, and hiring managers are making judgements about your candidates and you.

Make photos part of the solution and not the problem:

RnD offers recruiters the opportunity to refer their candidates for professional headshots at an affordable price with fast production times. We will give you a unique promotional code that, when used by the candidate, will give them access to a 40% discount on CV headshots.

What's more, as a thank you to top performers, once 25 bookings have been made for CV headshots using your promo code, you will receive a free portrait session with our head photographer.

Lead the way with your personal brand.

The best way to lead is by example. Show your candidates how to present their brand by putting yourself in the best light with up-to-date professional headshots. And take good care of your candidates by referring them for professional photos at affordable rates. Developing your personal brand has significant career benefits, including:

It is valuable to think of your professional photo or headshot as the logo for your personal brand. Devoting time to building your personal brand will increase your response and referral rates and help you recruit better talent. Encouraging your candidates to devote time to their personal brands will increase their chances of getting that interview.

Standard industry price    chf 125.- on average

Candidate Price with promotional code

 chf 71.-

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