It's time to open up

For years we have been taking photographs, portraits, Still life, Architecture, street and travel. It's been a six year journey and we felt we had it all under control. Then Corona hit, and as for many others we did not expect and where not 100% prepared. But how could you. I'm just so happy to have had a strong team who flexed and pulled together to make sure we got through this tough time. From difficult times though can come good revelations. We used our time in solitude and distancing, and frankly no work, to look deep in ourselves and think who is RnD and what is it we are passionate about?

The team has been in our Studio here in Oerlikon Zurich to practice with new lights, delve into storytelling, learn about symbolism and having the pleasure of hiring Bronwyn who has brought so much clarity focus and form to understanding the connection of brand and character to a business. How to bring the core brand message into the frame.

Also in this time of confinement and separation we realised that we were too distant from our audience and fan base. Working with people has aways been a strength, but admittedly RnD was falling behind in the maintaining those relationships. New team mate, new fresh air, and time to work on these important areas of a growing business. As I once read, how we act under pressure is the true depiction of ones character. We are now dedicated to being more open and connected to our friends and future clients online.

May fist blog post

Damien Hamilton Wood