RnD Team


Rebekka is the portrait photographer in RnD. She enjoys to create great images together with her clients. To find beauty in her subjects and to help them bridge the gap of not knowing what to do in front of the camera or how to pose. She constantly works at getting better at understanding light and the magic of retouch possibilities. She also takes care of the administrative part in RnD.

You meet Rebekka on a yoga mat or hiking in nature. Behind a book - that can take hours if its a good one or at the cinema. A lot of her time is spent with her daughter and she enjoys to be with family and friends.


Damien was the driving force to have him and his partner step out of the hamsterwheel and travel for a year in 2012-2013. On the travel the idea of RnD photography was born and in 2014 RnD was registered. Damien supports Rebekka with all infrastructure and digital. He enjoys Landscape and Macrophotography and is the creative fountain in RnD.

You meet Damien on hikes in nature to find mushrooms, swimming in the Limmat enjoing a movie at cinema xenix and sometimes out having a drink. Otherwise he spends time with his family.