Leadership is personal.

Leadership is a style.

RnD captures your personal style.

For entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses that regularly need striking portraits that are consistent with a brand style and message. Make first impressions last by connecting your audience with the people behind your brand. Our psychologist understands the personality representing the brand and our photographers know how to focus audience attention, so that the personality and brand share the limelight. Our team understands the importance of high quality services that compliment internal business processes. We therefore strive to provide uniquely branded portraits without compromising your time or your budget. 

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We tell simple stories

Our client: Director of Talent Acquisition for a large corporation

Basic idea: Elegant, sincere and open. Deep, dark eyes should be the point of focus.

Core concept: Simple honour - "if Don Quixote wasn't mad, he might look like this."

We tell personal stories

Our client: Owner of an environmental sustainability services company in Zürich.

Basic idea: To highlight the contrast between her love of the city and need for sustainability, by using strong lines and hard surfaces, with bright greens/blues that create a natural path to her smile.

Core concept: "if Jane Goodall was committed to sustainable city life, what would that look like?"

We tell consistent stories

Our client: A social marketing expert at the forefront of promoting women's entrepreneurship in Zürich. Her brand message is to rally people behind their own vision.

Basic idea: Elegant modern day professionalism, leading with her own style. Brand values include relationships, trust and excellence.

Core concept: "if Huckleberry Finn was a lady adopted by Michelle Obama, how would that look?"

We tell #BrandStories

Our client: A passionate real estate investment company that approaches investment in original ways while retaining classic values, including excellence, transparency and trust.

Basic idea: Contrast informal professionalism, with out of the box thinking and classic values and style.

Core concept: if Humphrey Bogart and Lana Turner owned a real estate investment company, what would it look like?

How it works - Listen. Conceptualise. Create.

  1. RnD listens - we have a discussion on WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype, or even a real coffee with the brand manager/relevant person to understand your journey and core values. We use this as a guide for all future projects.
  2. RnD conceptualises - we develop three #BrandStory mood-boards based on the brand analysis from step 1.
  3. RnD collaborates - you choose the concept that best suits the company.
  4. RnD creates - we shoot, edit and translate your image into your #BrandStory.
  5. RnD delivers - we coordinate with your webmasters to meet your format requirements. 

Leadership Portrait

From CHF 276.-

  • Gespräch zur Vorbereitung / Pre-Shoot briefing session
  • 60 Minuten Portrait Aufnahmen / 60 minutes portrait session
  • Garderobenwechsel / Wardrobe changes
  • Hintergrundwechsel / Background change
  • Retusche / retouching
  • 3 Lieblingsbilder mit hoher Auflösung / 3 favourite retouched high res images
  • Favoriten erhältlich innerhalb 48 Stunden / Final Images delivered within 48 hours

Business Portrait

CHF 175

  • 35 Minuten Portrait Aufnahmen / 35 minutes portrait session
  • 1 Outfit / 1 Outfit
  • 1 Lieblings Bild retuschiert / 1 favourite image retouched
  • Lieblingsbild verfügbar innerhalb von 4 Werktagen / Final Image delivered in 4 working days

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

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+41 79 470 55 14