Authentic content for authentic brands

2020 has changed many things in our daily lives.

The way we interact with each other, the way we travel, go shopping, use public transport and the way we work. We all work more from home in these days, we spend more time around our family, partner or flatmates and in return we see less of our work colleagues.

The use of social media saw a sharp increase during the COVID 19 pandemic especially due to the imposed quarantines and lockdowns coupled with social distancing. People have looked to their gadgets – mobile phones, tablets, and laptops – to pass time and feel a sense of connection and community with other people. According to Kantar’s data, people's behavior has shifted since the spread of the Coronavirus. Social media engagement has increased by 61 percent during the later stages of the pandemic. 

Creating authentic content 

The best way to be perceived as authentic is to be authentic.

Get to know your audience intimately and let them get to know you too through personal interaction, bios, videos, blogs, behind the scenes coverage and glimpses into the personal lives of company members.

A strategy adopted by agile organisations includes sharing pictures and experiences of their employees working from home, as well as customer stories.


We can professionally document your employees


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